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Why Doodle?

In this fast-paced busy world, many of us have become stress-prone. All too often, people have suffered from excessive worry from work or other life events, creative blocks and a disconnect from the present. By doodling your brain can form new neural pathways that can help soften the effects and protect against such stressors. 


Psychologists have conducted several studies on doodling to gain a better understanding of the various benefits and effects. In fact, studies indicate that doodling unlocks neural pathways in the brain, which enhance creativity and support memory recall.  The process of doodling has both emotional and cognitive advantages.


The act of doodling has numerous benefits for your brain including:



Fosters creativity

and new ideas.

From sorting out problems to sparking new ideas, doodling unlocks different parts of the brain that can bring on that “ah-ha” moment.


Helps with focus and

memory retention.

When focusing on learning a topic, it is customary to become so focused that during the process the brain begins to analyze and understand all at once, which can get intense. 


Decreases anxiety

and stress.

Doodling helps reduce stress and anxiety 

due to its simplicity. 


Helps strengthen creative

problem-solving skills.

During the problem-solving process, thoughts can become intense. Doodling enhances that activity through involving visual and physical actions causing different parts of the mind work in synchronicity.




The way you doodle provides insight about yourself. The assortment of patterns and shapes reveal feelings within that you may not have been aware of.


Combats creative


Creative burnout occurs with stress, too much structure or lack of change and inspiration. The spontaneous marks, circles, etc. that occur with doodling helps redirect the brain to something different and relaxing.


Cultivates better

storytelling skills.

Storytelling has been used for ages. Drawings have told stories for centuries in cultures across the world. The visual and kinesthetic act of doodling helps encourage new ideas.

The benefits of doodling are continuously being realized. From being a useful tool that relieves stress or helping unleash new ideas, try doodling for yourself and play The Doodle Challenge. 


Cultivates humor


The mere act of doodling can encourage humor because there aren’t any rules. Every person has their own technique for doodling and the act of doodling can provoke a quick chuckle, inspire a joke and prompt you to have fun with it.

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