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Stress is a huge problem. In today's fast paced busy world, stress can negatively impact our health, joy and success in both career and personal life. Stress can manifest in a number of ways and can also bring other un-welcomed conditions such as burnout, disconnect and self-doubt. Your cognitive wellness should come first. Our mission is to develop engaging tools, games, and workshops that build strong creative minds and happier people so they can stress less and live unblocked successful inspired lives.


The Doodle Challenge (TDC) by PLAYSTRUCK, is an exciting cognitive tool and game for both  children and adults to play in a group or solo, that can combat stress, self-doubt, disconnect, and burnout. The Doodle Challenge has developed multiple products to help you harness your own creative mojo. 


In addition to targeting the key psychological factors we have described, The Doodle Challenge also hones storytelling skills, which are essential for enhancing effective communication and problem-solving, as well as bolstering creativity.


It's all about perspective, playing The Doodle Challenge (TDC) reminds us there is always another solution to the problems we face in life. 


The Doodle Challenge is an inventive way to unleash your inner creative genius. Whether you are a seasoned professional, student, or someone who enjoys thinking in new ways, the community of Doodlers welcomes you!


PLAYSTRUCK is a minority woman owned business that offers solutions for individuals and organizations. 

Application Examples

-TDC For Creativity

-TDC For Literacy 

-TDC For Wellness

-TDC For Tourism

-TDC For Team Building

The Doodle Challenge Suite

TDC Products 


We offer a wide array of products that utilize our TDC Method. From card decks to apps and accessories, we have what you need to stress less and get mindfully creative!

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The Doodle Portal


Designed specifically for educators, The Doodle Portal houses lesson plans, worksheets and educational content to help integrate The Doodle Challenge into the classroom.


TDC Workshops 


We offer organizations (businesses and schools) customized TDC Workshops to help them get the most out of their staff and student wellness programs. 


TDC Events


We offer exciting public and corporate events that get the creative juices flowing. See where we will pop up next!

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Our Products

Want to become a Doodler? 

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