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The Doodle Challenge for Business

Fostering Employee Success Through Doodling


The Doodle Challenge (TDC) seeks to help employers bridge the gap when it comes to employee mental health and creativity.

The Doodle Challenges provides tools workshops that provide regular opportunities for employees in organizations to think

creatively, focus wholeheartedly, and de-stress mindfully. Based in Neuroscience, Psychology and Design/Art theory,

every TDC solution utilizes research-backed methods that can have a profound effect on employee wellness and

productivity levels while simultaneously enhancing their sense of focus and creativity.


The Doodle Challenge was created out of a need to hone better storytelling skills, combat creative burnout in individuals/teams as well as aid in reducing stress created from life/work situations that can effect cogitative function, and artistic expression.


Setting up a TDC workshop or instituting the Doodle Challenge as a common employee practice as part of an employer’s ESPP (Employee Stress Prevention Plan) can help employers to foster a work environment that promotes employee focus, creativity,

productivity, communication and wellness.



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Our Approach


The Doodle Challenge (TDC) offers multiple solutions that can be tailored to small, large, executive and remote teams. 


Flexible Solutions:

Our workshops are built in a modular fashion to allow for flexibility and scale in order to accommodate a variety of organizational needs.


We understand every organization is unique, we create customized workshops to match the specific needs and values each organization

Connecting Teams:

Our goal is to connect teams to each other, cultivate understanding and leverage cognitive diversity within the group. We also believe in strengthening leaders in order for them to better innovate, relate. and communicate.


Key Areas Of Focus:

+ Creative Problem Solving

+ Creative Confidence

+ Storytelling/Communication Development

+ Burnout Prevention

+ Stress Management

+ Engagement Development

Our Solutions

The Doodle Challenge_Products

The Doodle Challenge Products

We have developed an array of print and digital games and tools to stretch your brain using The Doodle Challenge Method for adult individuals and groups. 


The Doodle Challenge_Key Levels Score

Key Levels Score


The TDC Team has developed The Key Levels Score Test which reveals an individual’s score for four common emotional experiences: stress, disconnect, burnout, and self-doubt. The questions in the KLS have all been validated in social science research. For businesses, the KLS looks at both employee and group scores as a whole. The KLS then generates a custom report including findings, key target areas and recommendations.

The Doodle Challenge_Workshops


In addition to our games/tools, TDC also offers The Doodle Challenge workshops for organizations who have a desire to get the most out of their employees by equipping them with inventive techniques to reduce stress, foster creativity and further develop problem-solving skills. 

The Doodle Challenge_Events

The Doodle Challenge Events

The Doodle Challenge events offer organizations the

chance to "Doodle Challenge" their staff and the local community. TDC events invest in the well being and mental health of current and potential customers, as well an organization's potential future and, hires. Promoting a positive culture.

and brand imprint.

Featured Insights

Doodling For Success:

Doodling In The 


Doodling can be leveraged in the workplace to help employers attract and retain top talent for their company and offset the effects of work-related stress building a more positive work environment.

The Science

Behind Doodling 


In our 2019 report, we dive deep into the science and benefits of doodling and it's evident effect on our minds. 

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