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The Science Behind

Doodling 2019 Report

In our 2019 report, we look at the "Stress Epidemic" and dive deep into the benefits of doodling and the evident effect it has on our minds. Along with taking closer look stress, burnout, disconnect,

and self-doubt. 

Why Our Brains 

Need Storytelling 


Storytelling is a tradition passed down over thousands of years. Why is it so important to our communication and cognitive well being? Read on to find out!   

Doodling for Success:

The Power of Doodling in the Workplace

Doodling can be leveraged in the workplace to help employers attract and retain top talent for their company and offset the effects of work-related stress building a more positive work environment.

Why Doodle?

The Benefits

There are numerous health benefits to doodling including reducing stress, burnout and fostering creative problem-solving skills. Discover more benefits here.

The Origins

of the Doodle

From poets to presidents, to queens, mathematicians and ceos, the history of the doodle is fascinating. Discover how the humble doodle began and why it is so important.

Key Levels

Score Test

Discover Your Score

Stress, disconnect, self-doubt, and burnout... four key factors that can impact our well being, happiness, and cognitive function. The KLS test will reveal where your levels fall and provide insights on how to improve or maintain your score.

Get The Deck!


Give your creativity a boost with The Doodle Challenge decks. The game can be used on the go, in the office, at home, on your own, with friends, the classroom or as a therapy additive. Give your creativity a boost with the original The Doodle Challenge 63 card deck. The game can be used on the go, in the office, at home, at school, on your own or in a group.

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