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The Doodle Challenge for Schools

Building Creative Confidence Through Doodling


The Doodle Challenge (TDC) offers solutions for educational institutions to inspire students to unleash their creativity, foster problem-solving and storytelling skills while providing strategies for increased mindfulness. Based in Neuroscience, Psychology and Design/Art theory, every TDC solution utilizes research-backed methods that can have a profound effect on both student and teacher wellness.


The Doodle Challenge was created out of a need to hone better storytelling skills, combat creative burnout in individuals/teams as well as aid in reducing stress created from life/work situations that can effect cogitative function, and artistic expression. Doodling also helps you learn! According to multiple research studies, doodling has been found to aid in brainstorming, processing complex concepts and aids in information retention and recall. 


Setting up a TDC workshop or instituting the Doodle Challenge as a common classroom practice as part of a SWP (School Wellness Plan) can help educational institutions to foster a positive environment that promotes enhanced learning, creativity and health.



Our Approach


The Doodle Challenge (TDC) offers multiple  solutions that can be tailored to small, large and faculty/student groups. 



Flexible Solutions:

Our workshops are built in a modular fashion to allow for flexibility and scale in order to accommodate a variety of student needs.



We understand every organization is unique, we create customized workshops to match specific age groups and teacher curricula.


Empowering Both Faculty & Students:

Our goal is to motivate and encourage students and teachers to continue to develop vital skills that can help them better communicate, think and thrive.


Key Areas Of Focus:

+ Creative Confidence

+ Storytelling/Communication Development

+ Mindfulness Training

+ Creative Problem Solving

+ Stress Coping Skills


Our Solutions

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The Doodle Challenge Products

We have developed an array of print / digital games and tools to stretch your brain using The Doodle Challenge Method. Different products and play methods are suited for different age groups. We also offer classroom bundling options. 


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Lesson Plans 

Included with a purchase of our products, The Doodle Challenge provides adaptable lesson plans that can be easily integrated into course development. Lesson plans have been designed for large and small groups as well as take home assignments.

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In addition to our games/tools and lesson plans, TDC also offers The Doodle Challenge workshops for both student and teachers to equip them with inventive techniques to encourage mindfulness, foster creativity and further develop problem-solving and

storytelling skills. 

The Doodle Portal

For Educators


With every school order of The Doodle Challenge, educators gain free access to our Doodle Portal which houses lesson plans that are available to pair with TDC products so that educators can focus on specific benefits the game offers - Mindfulness, Creative Confidence, Storytelling/Communication, and Focus/Memory Retention.


The portal also offers a place teachers can store doodles, view scheduled TDC workshops and take the 30 minute intro Doodle training course for educators that provides additional insights.

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Featured Insights

Why Our Brains Need Story Telling

Storytelling is a tradition passed down over thousands of years. Why is it so important to our communication and cognitive well being? Read on to find out! 

The Science

Behind Doodling 


In our 2019 report, we dive deep into the science and benefits of doodling and it's evident effect on our minds. 

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