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Give your creativity a boost with the original The Doodle Challenge 63 reusable deck!


- Boost Creativity.

- Reduce Stress. 

- Develop Problem Solving Skills.

- Improve Storytelling/Communication Skills.

- Build Creative Confidence.


With multiple ways to play both solo and in a group, The Doodle Challenge (TDC) is not only HILARIOUS, it provides numerous cognitive health benefits for hours of fun and stress relief. 


Based in neuroscience, psychology and art/design theory, The Doodle Challenge was developed to help reduce stress and burnout in individuals/teams caused by school/work/life situations that can impact cogitative function and artistic expression as well as improve problem-solving and storytelling skills. 


With six difficulty levels included, The Doodle Challenge will delight all ages!! 


isbn: 978-1-7337591-0-6


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The Doodle Challenge™ (TDC) can be enjoyed by all ages, however children should play TDC with adult supervision and guidance.

The Doodle Challenge - Original Deck

  • The Doodle Challenge game is intended for reuse, after a Doodle Card has been solved/shared during a round, be sure to erase all the cards using the eraser on the back of the Doodle Pen in order to be shuffled and used again! 

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