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The Doodle Challenge_The Science Behind Doodling Report

The Science 

Behind Doodling 

Report 2019



When stress is left unchecked or mismanaged, it can feed into distinct states of physiological and psychological discomfort. Those states can also manifest on their own, or in tandem with each other. In addition to stress, we identify self-doubt, disconnect, and burnout as key targets that need to be addressed. 


In this 2019 report, we take a closer look at the science behind doodling and how it can be leveraged to fight the 21st-century health crisis of stress and heal our brains. 

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The Benefits of 


There are numerous health benefits to doodling including reducing stress, burnout and fostering creative problem-solving skills. Discover more benefits here.

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Storytelling is a tradtition passed down over thousands of years. Why is it so important to our communication and cognitive well being? Read on to find out! 

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