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Be A Part Of Doodle History! 


Attention Kickstarter Backers, as of June 8th 2019 we have chosen to move our fundraising campaign off of Kickstarter to our own website instead. We are kindly asking those who have backed us on Kickstarter previously to please pledge your amount here instead - so that we can move forward with Phase One and get The Doodle Challenge to the world this year. 


All backer packages will be sent November 2019 if we successfully raise $4000 by August 1st 2019! 

We thank you for your continued support of The Doodle Challenge and helping us complete Phase One funding!


- The Doodle Challenge Team




Phase One Goal: $4000


Stress Is A Huge Problem...

In today's fast paced busy world, stress can negatively impact our health, joy and success in both career and personal life. Stress can manifest in a number of ways and can also bring other un-welcomed conditions such as burnout, disconnect and self-doubt. Your cognitive wellness should come first.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.16.30

Playing The Doodle Challenge Can Help! 

The Doodle Challenge is an exciting cognitive tool and game for adults to play in a group or solo, that can combat stress, self-doubt, disconnect, and burnout.  Based in neuroscience, psychology and design/art theory, The Doodle Challenge has been carefully developed for to help you harness your own creative mojo!

In addition to targeting the key psychological factors we have described, The Doodle Challenge also hones storytelling skills, which are essential for enhancing effective communication and problem-solving, as well as bolstering creativity. 

It's all about perspective, playing The Doodle Challenge (TDC) reminds us there is always another solution to the problems we face in life. 

The Doodle Challenge is an inventive way to unleash your inner creative genius, whether you are a seasoned professional, student or someone who simply enjoys thinking outside the lines! And YES! The Doodle Challenge can also be used by children too in order to foster creative confidence and mindfulness!  

 The Doodle Challenge comes with box, 4 doodle pens, 60 3.5" x 5.75" doodle cards (erasable), timer code card, directions card, score card & free iOS timer app. 

There is also an iOS app version of our game coming soon!


Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 7.05.24 PM.png

Having varying degrees of challenge allows the player to stretch and grow their brain’s neuroplasticity.  This is why six exciting doodle challenge levels have been developed for The Doodle Challenge game. The number on the back of each card indicates the level of difficulty and the number of points each Doodle card is worth. The level of the doodle card is also noted by the number of marks on each card and it's color.


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