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Dear Distinguished Parent Teacher Choice Awards Panel,


Below you will find my submission for your Parent Teacher Choice 2019 Awards. Please scroll below to view the remainder of the presentation I have prepared just for you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. 

Thank you for your time & consideration!



- Christina Kaputsos 

   Founder & Lead - The Doodle Challenge

What Is The Doodle Challenge?

The Doodle Challenge (TDC) is an exciting game and cognitive tool created for both children and adults that can foster creativity, improve problem solving and storytelling skills all while reducing stress. Based in neuroscience, psychology and design/art theory, The Doodle Challenge has been carefully developed to improve mindfulness and aid in gaining

a new perspective. 


Give your creativity a boost with The Doodle Challenge 63 reusable card deck. The Doodle Challenge was originally developed to help reduce stress and burnout in teams and individuals caused by school/work/life situations that can impact cognitive function and artistic expression.


This art therapy tool and game is not only HILARIOUS to play, it provides numerous cognitive health benefits as well for hours of fun. 

What Is Included:

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63 Dry Erase Cards (3.5" x 5.75"), 4 Doodle Pens, Access Code to iOS Timer App, Box (6" x 3.8" x 1.5" ) 


How To Play

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(Standard Gameplay*) Solo or Group


1. Shuffle the Doodle Cards then take the top card.

Each player takes a Doodle Card from the top of the pile. Once each player has a card, everyone takes a look at their own card. Do not share it with the other players just yet. The number on the back of the card indicates the level of difficulty and the number of points each Doodle Card is worth.


2. Set a timer and finish the doodle on the card.

Once everyone has seen their own card, set a timer for 3 minutes and begin. Incorporating the existing doodle marks already on the card, draw a picture or story. When the timer runs out, add a title or caption. Players must complete only the Doodle Card they selected, unless they have been “Doodle Challenged”. You can additionally decrease the time for each round: 3m, 2.5m, 2m, 1.5m, 1m, 30s, 15s, 10s etc.


3. *Optional* “Doodle Challenge” someone.

Each player can ‘Doodle Challenge’ other players up to 3 times per game. A Doodle Challenge is when one player swaps their Doodle Card with the card of someone else. Each player now completes their new card for the points that new card is worth.


One can only “Doodle Challenge” if they have viewed their own card before the timer starts. To challenge another player, simply say “Doodle Challenge!”. If one person has been Doodle Challenged by two people in the same round, the first challenger who said “Doodle Challenge” gets to swap cards.  


4. Share completed doodles.

Once the timer ends, each player shares their finished Doodle Card with the group. If all the original doodle marks on the Doodle Card are incorporated in the drawing and a title has been added, that player will be awarded the total amount of points the card is worth. If the player has not used all the doodle marks on their card or didn’t add a title, they will get 0 points that round.


5. Tally up the Doodle Points.

Once all the cards are played through or everyone is done playing, add up each player’s points to determine the winning Doodler! If there is a tie, those players each select a previous Doodle Card and engage in a tie break round.


6. Erase the Doodle Cards.

After each game make sure to wipe the Doodle Cards with the Doodle Pen eraser. Enjoy playing!


Additional Ways To Play!

*There are more ways to play for added challenge and fun for both solo and groups!


Ages +

Having varying degrees of challenge allows the player to stretch and grow their brain’s neuroplasticity.  This is why six exciting doodle challenge levels have been developed for The Doodle Challenge game. The number on the back of each Doodle Card indicates the level of difficulty and the number of points each card is worth. The level of the Doodle Card is also noted by the number of marks on each card and it's color.


 The Doodle Challenge can be enjoyed by all ages, however certain levels are recommended for different age groups.  

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Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 1.58.58 AM.png


In this fast-paced busy world, many of us have become

stress-prone. All too often, people have suffered from excessive worry from work or other life events, creative blocks and a disconnect from the present. By doodling your brain can form new neural pathways that can help soften the effects and protect against such stressors. 


Psychologists have conducted several studies on doodling to gain a better understanding of the various benefits and effects. In fact, studies indicate that doodling unlocks neural pathways in the brain, which enhance creativity and support memory recall.  The process of doodling has both emotional and cognitive advantages.


For Parents

The Doodle Challenge is great for both children and adults and therefore is a perfect game for family bonding time.


Not only is TDC an approachable entry point to drawing and self expression, it also develops creative problem solving, fine motor and communication skills. Playing The Doodle Challenge (TDC) also teaches children the vital lesson of adaptability. Because there are no wrong doodles when playing, it instills the message that there is always another solution to the problems we face in life.


The Doodle Challenge has been tested by multiple age groups - children, teens and adults, ensuring that the benefits of The Doodle Challenge can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The Doodle Challenge is portable, light-weight, re-usable and durable - ideal for families on the go. 

For Educators

The Doodle Challenge (TDC) utilizes research-backed methods that can have a profound effect on both student and faculty wellness. 


Using The Doodle Challenge as a common classroom practice or as part of a SWP (School Wellness Plan) can help foster a positive environment that promotes enhanced learning, creativity and health.


Doodling also can help you learn! According to multiple research studies, doodling has been found to aid in brainstorming, processing complex concepts and aids in information retention and recall. 

With every school bulk order of The Doodle Challenge, educators gain free access to our Doodle Portal which houses lesson plans that are available to pair with The Doodle Challenge card deck so that educators can focus on specific benefits the game offers - Mindfulness, Creative Confidence, Storytelling/Communication, and Focus/Memory Retention.


The portal also offers a place teachers can store doodles, view scheduled TDC workshops and take the 30 minute intro Doodle training course for educators that provides additional insights.

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What People Are Saying


It is amazing to watch my daughter dive into her creative side while enjoying this game. I can see her making new connections and figuring out new stories to tell!”


—  Adam Zielinski

     Father of a 4 year old

Where To Buy

Currently The Doodle Challenge is only available for

purchase on our website:

Bulk orders of our product as well as and workshops for schools and businesses are also available. 

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The Doodle Challenge 



The original 63 card deck.

Includes 4 dry erase doodle

pens and code to access the

free timer iOS app. Play solo

or in a group for fun timed or

untimed play! All ages



The Doodle Challenge 



The brain processes solid

shapes differently than lines

- introducing our new Solids

63 card deck. Includes 4 dry

erase doodle pens and code

to access the free timer iOS

app. Play solo or in a group!

Alll ages



The Doodle Challenge



While all of our decks are

child friendly. We have

created our Junior 63 card

deck with little Doodlers in

mind. Levels 1, 2 & 3 only. Includes 4 dry erase doodle pens and code to

access the free timer iOS

app. Play solo or in a group! Ages 4+


The Founder & Creator

Christina Kaputsos is an award winning Creative Director and Strategist.

For the past decade, she has worked for and consulted a range of clientele including startups, fortune 500, tech brands, brain assessment companies, educational institutions and the US government. Previously as an Educator and Program Director, she developed curricula for a range of students from elementary, middle, high school, college, adult, international and remote groups. Driven to help others learn more about themselves and the world, she has been an art/design educator, entrepreneur, consultant and in house creative.

Global in her perspective, she has worked in New York, Washington DC and London and has had clients located all over the globe.  Christina is an honors graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Made By Experts

The Doodle Challenge team is made up of passionate accredited professionals with backgrounds in Art, Design, Psychology, Neuroscience and Education with over 15 years of experience.

Our diverse group of "Master Doodlers" are spread across the country, located in New York, Massachusetts and Maryland.

Our team are life long learners and have attended MIT, Johns Hopkins University, Maryland Institute College of Art, Duquesne University and Bryn Mawr College. 

The Doodle Challenge is a female, minority owned business.

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The Science

The Doodle Challenge encourages activation of the biological phenomenon of Pareidolia in participants minds to enable stress reduction, memory retention, creative problem solving by way of doodling and story forming. This then begins to fosters participants to see ”potential” other solutions to challenges we may be facing in other areas of life.


Doodling engages the brain’s “executive resources” that aid our brains in multitasking, planning, and concentrating. The rhythmic motions of drawing can activate the relaxation response as a way to counter the body’s fight-or-flight intuition. Doodling has been shown in studies to reduce cortisol, the “stress hormone”.


To learn more request our scientific report: The Science Behind Doodling. That was written by our resident Neuroscientist on staff and our founder.

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