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Welcome to Part 3 of The Doodle Challenge Research Study: Doodling for Love. In this portion, you will play The Doodle Challenge card game. The 12 sample doodle cards, 2 doodle pens, and directions have been snail mailed to the home address you provided. Only complete this section when you have the materials in hand. Be sure to schedule 30 minutes below so one of our team can send you a Google Hangout invite for your selected time as we want to record your reactions during gameplay.



The game should be played for a total of 10 rounds - 3 minutes per round. 

A game round is two cards ( One for you and one for your partner). Since you have 12 doodle cards, you will have 6 unique rounds. On round 7, couples will have to reshuffle the cards again before

playing the last 3 rounds.


At the end of each round, please hold up each completed doodle card to your computer camera, we will screenshot the image. Alternatively, if you do not have access to google hangouts you can take the photos of completed doodle card and upload it below. 

Available days to play: 2/11, 2/12, 2/13, 2/14



No access to Google Hangouts? No problem! Just upload the photos

of your completed doodle cards each round below. 

How To Play



1. Shuffle your 12 dry-erase doodle cards, and each player takes one card from the top of the deck.


2. For each round set a timer for 3 minutes. 


2. Then start the timer!  Each player views and rotates their card how they want until they see a scene in the random marks on the card and then they add lines to the existing markings to tell the visual story they see.


3. To get the points each card is worth, finish by adding a caption or title. The Doodle Challenge has six

difficulty levels, each worth different points to stretch your thinking.


4. For more fun, Doodle Challenge the other player. To do this, once you have taken your card from the deck before the timer starts, point to the other player and shout “DOODLE CHALLENGE!” 


Your partner will then have to complete the doodle card you swapped with them instead of their own and you have to complete theirs. If your partner cannot solve the new card in the 3 minutes, then they lose the of points the card is worth. If they do complete the card, they are safe but they will not earn any points that round. However, if you finish your new doodle card, then you will earn the points that doodle card is worth. Incomplete cards earn no points.


You can Doodle Challenge each other as many times as you want during the game. 


5. Once you played 10 rounds for 3 minutes each, tally all points to crown the master doodler. Use the Scorecard provided to keep the tally of your points. 


6. At the end of each round, show the completed cards to the Google Hangout Camera so we can take a screenshot before you erase and start another round. If you don't have access to Google Hangouts, simply upload your completed doodle cards by using the button at the top of this page. 


* For each round take one new card from the top of the deck until all the cards have been used, reshuffle the deck when you run out of cards. 


*You don't have to be a trained artist to play, it's more about what you see in the markings and what story you can tell rather than your drawing skills! Have you ever seen a cow-shaped cloud, or a face in a chest of drawers? We ALL have the ability to “see,” a leftover skill from early human development.




6 Levels of Difficulty




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