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The Doodle Challenge Launch Party

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What a fabulous night filled with exciting doodling! Thank you all who attended!



7pm: Doors

7pm - 7:30pm: Mingling and Drinking w/ Music7:30pm - 8:00pm: Stress Talk & Full

Immersion/Participation playing The Doodle Challenge

8:00pm - 8:15pm: Additional Remarks & Kickstarter Video Reveal

8:15pm - 8:30pm: Remarks & Exhibition Match (Featured Illustrators TBD)

8:30pm-9:30pm: Drinking & Mingling w/ Music

9:30pm - 10:00: Raffle Winner Announced & Closing Remarks

*Throughout the evening attendees can:

1. Back The Doodle Challenge Kickstarter

2. Upload completed Doodle Cards to the event site for chances to win raffle prizes from The Doodle Challenge (TDC) and other wellness minded brands


We were proudly supported by fellow brands who recognize the importance of cognitive health and the ever-growing wellness movement.

















Featured Illustrators:

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Jaima's  mission is to keep putting his art on wearable items and to continue to make youthful, positive and bright designs to make the world a bit happier everyday. His work has been featured in the New York Times, YTV Japan and more

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Alison George

Alison is a freelance illustrator and full-time product designer currently living in New York. Her work can be found on tees, totes and pins throughout the city (and beyond). She spends most of her spare time under a cat, and the rest of it watering her plants.

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Our Featured Illustrators 

Four famous illustrations joined in the fun during the exhibition round during the Launch Party! Each illustrator had 3 minutes to solve an oversized Doodle Card which then was raffled off to attendees. 

Yifan Wu

Yifan Wu is a creative thinker who deal with her nihilism through storytelling. She loves dancing, animals and nature.

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Rob Anderson

Rob Anderson is a visual artist from Queens New York City. Like a skilled improvisational musician, Rob looks at any space as an opportunity and with bold lines and shapes ignites his audiences innate connection to creativity. His work is delightfully free and irreverently reverent. Rob has collaborated with brands such as Steve Madden, Dr. Martens, Absurda Design, and Wingman Magazine.


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Thank You all who attended!

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