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The Game That

Boosts Creativity

And Reduces Stress!

Ships World Wide!

Parent & Teacher Approved! 


The Doodle Challenge is a recipient the Parent And Teacher Choice Award from

Parent and Teacher Choice Award 2019 fro

The Doodle Challenge is not only hilarious to play, it has numerous health benefits too! 

The Doodle Challenge helps with: 


Creative Block





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For Schools 
Our Key Level Assessment, online solutions, and workshops are available to organizations who wish to implement The Doodle Challenge as part of their wellness and team-building programs. Help your team break down creative blocks, exercise new problem solving techniques, and develop greater communication skills with our customizable solutions.

Why Doodle?

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The 2019 Science of Doodling Report.

In our 2019 report, we look at the "Stress Epidemic" and dive deep into the benefits of doodling and the evident effect it has on our minds with our resident neuroscientist Muzamil Saleem. Along with taking closer look stress, burnout, disconnect, and self-doubt. 


Let Go Of Your Daily Stress With Our Interactive Stress Box.

Storytelling is a tradition passed down over thousands of years. Why is it so important to our communication and cognitive well being? Read on to find out!

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Doodling for Success:

The Power of Doodling in the Workplace.

Doodling can be leveraged in the workplace to help employers attract and retain top talent for their company and offset the effects of work-related stress building a more positive work environment.


It is amazing to watch my daughter dive into her creative side while enjoying this game. I can see her making new connections and figuring out new stories to tell!”

—  Adam Z. 

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